Sonal Patel BSc. (Hons.) Ost. Registered Osteopath

Sonal Patel has been a full time Registered Osteopath since 1999. She completed a four year honours degree course at the British School of Osteopathy and considers herself a holistic practitioner who has the ability and enthusiasm to treat all types of injuries. She knows only too well about the importance of being well, actively participates in sports follows a healthy diet and practises what she preaches. She admires the body’s ability to heal itself providing the individual respects it and she can show you how.

Sonal works alongside a team of doctors and other therapists and is able to offer the best individually prescribed treatment for the individual. She has worked in a number of areas treating all types of ailments ranging from sports injuries to expectant mothers and she is able to offer a host of customised exercises, stretches and advice to patients who have long term problems or require help.